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Heavy Rigid Cast iron body for vibration free operation and with standing excessive strain I Radial, streamline box type design of machine, body & parts and high grade material of main parts, are given rigidly for long life to machine I Best quality material are used to withstand wear and tear, strain, stress I Positive drive electromagnetic clutch ensures quick action, less wear and tear and clutch system life is also longer I Electro Magnetic clutch device for maintenance & slippage free operation Central lubricating system is provided on the machine I 8 beam infra. Red safety guard for higher Clamp height I False clamp ]Hydraulic Clamping | Optical line cut indicator I Knife lifting device Air table complete with blower on main table I Graduated back gauge knobs | Three piece back gauge segment I S.S plate coating or S.S Plate on entire Main Table, Side Gauge & Back Side Gauge | Two push operation device | Mechanical overload safety device | One set of tools I One instruction manual, electrical circuit diagram & spare manual. Mandatory Accessories
  • Cutting knifes with set of Screws & washers – 2 sets
  • Cutting Stick – 6 Nos.
  • Side Plate Square to the Back Table – 2 Nos.
  • Set of Tools with Oil Can, grease gun for Maintenance – 1 set
  • Instruction Manual, Electrical Diagram & Spare Parts
  • Catalogue – 1 Nos, Each

Technical Features

Cutting Widthmm81092011501320
Clamp Openingmm100110165165
Feed Depthmm81092011501320
Weight (Net)Kg2500300040004000
No. of Mech. Cuts in Continuous Run/ minNos32404545
Width Without Side Tablesmm1870197025002700
Width With Side Tablesmm1910213027002900
Front Tablemm680680720720
Table heightmm900900920920
Clamping Pressure (min)Kg200 or above200 or above500 or above500 or above
Clamping Pressure (max)Kg3500 or above3500 or above4000 or above4500 or above
Smallest Cut without False Clamp Plate, Min,mm25252525
Smallest Cut with False Clamp Plate, Min.mm65758080
Back Gauge Speed ( Standard)mm/sec50505050
Back Gauge Speed (Express)mm/sec65758080
Supply Voltage (3ph 340-500v)Amp16202025
Power Required for Main DriveH.P.237.57.5
Total Power RequiredH.P.459.59.5

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